Documenting inspections & Rigging from truss

Documenting inspections & Rigging from truss
Photo by Nikolay Vasiliev / Unsplash

Rigging from truss article

We have just published a new article on Rigging from truss which is the result of the last couple of live streams and a lot of behind-the-scenes work. If you are interested in understanding the specifics of rigging circus equipment from truss, how you rig each point can affect the truss load capacity. We also cover what equipment you can use and what configurations can be used.

Next Livestream 8th July - Documenting Inspections

Chris Higgs & I will be covering how to document inspections, what the different types of records you would keep depending on the type of inspection.

This will take place on 8th July 4 pm BST on our YouTube channel I'll send out more details nearer the time.

In the works

We have two members training videos in production, one on rigging from truss and another on rigging silks. They are both on version two as we reviewed our initial footage and decided to rerecord as the content quality wasn't good enough. Rigging from truss is out for review, and Rigging Silks & Hammock is being edited.

We have 2 articles being researched one on IRATA training and another on creating anchor points

Our August Livestream is likely to be on writing risk assessments.

If you have ideas on what you would like to learn or would like to contribute, please reply to this email.