This page contains a list of resources for beginners including content on safe rigging and training at home. This is intended to guide recreational students and parents of aspiring aerialists on what hoops you may need to jump through (sorry!) to set up a safe training space at home.

An Introduction to Safe Training at Home

Introduction to Safe Training at Home
This document is part one of a three-part series aimed at people who aren’tprofessional riggers but want to install equipment at home. There will beseparate documents for riggers, and for structural or building engineers. Thisseries includes: * Introduction to Safe Home Training (this document)…

Setting up a Safe Rigging Point at Home

Setting up a safe rigging point at home
Contents: 1. Introduction 2. How strong does your rigging point need to be 3. Is your building strong enough? 4. What kind of equipment do you need? 5. Is it done correctly 6. How to get the best from your structural engineer IntroductionThis document looks at the setting up of safe rigging…

Rigging Aerial Hoops