Risk Assessment Livestream October 14th

Risk Assessment Livestream October 14th

Livestream: Risk Assessments

Chris Higgs & Mark Gibson discuss risk assessments, how we do them and what approach we should take in this month's live stream.

You can watch the session here.

Who loves playing with fire? Most circus people! Risk-taking is built into just about every circus skill, but here's the thing: someones gotta take responsibility for it.

How to avoid a nightmare? Learn about risk assessments. Sounds dry?  True, it's paperwork, and you may not love that, but it's a challenge; think of it that way. Thinking that it's all obvious? Really? Are you absolutely sure about that?

This Friday is the next Circus Rigging & Safety live-stream session with Chris Higgs about risk assessments. Knowing how to do a decent one may not eliminate accidents, but it will prevent the vast majority. Plus, think of all the sound sleeping you'll be doing.