July Events

July Events

Factor of Safety Working Group

Monday July 13th 2pm

In our Slack forum we have been discussing Factors of Safety in acrobatic rigging and co-creating an advisory document on the subject. This meeting is to help define the audiences for this content and what types of advice is suitable for each and to advance the production of content useful to our community.

This event is open to all paying members and the link to the event will be published in the Slack forum.

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Performer Handling with Brett Copes

Friday July 24th 2pm

Riggers often participate as a member of the show crew, managing performers, planning performance cues and"pulling rope" for flying effects... which is a separate skill from hanging the show.  This seminar looks at the role of the "Performance Rigger” as an integral part of a show or event.  Brett will cover at the scope of responsibility for a rigger when it comes to rigging circus performers, performer flying and performer handling.
With examples from the workplace, we can discuss:

  • Setting up and creating administration systems that are more performer friendly,
  • Handling multiple performances (as in a Festival Showcase)
  • Responsibilities such as "clipping in '' performers for flights
  • Communicating with performers or on behalf of performers.
  • Key ideas for collaborating with personalities of the show Production, Riggers and Performers
  • Setting up short term and long term protocols for integration, communication, various acts, performers personalities and skill levels,
  • Rescues and contingencies... "save the show"
  • and more…

You can read more about Brett here

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