Inspections, big tops and circus schools

Inspections, big tops and circus schools
Photo by Kody Dahl / Unsplash

We've moved the next live stream back to January as we've had too many new learning opportunities come up! Thanks to everyone who reached out with ideas and contributions to what we should do next, keep them coming.

NoFit State Circus Build Team

NoFit State have invited me down for a couple of weeks to join their build team and learn how they set up a big top and rig their show Lexicon. So naturally I'll be taking a camera along to capture the learning experience and the Welsh weather, good job I've nearly finished insulating the van.

Equipment Inspections/Thorough Examinations

How do we do them? What tools can we use to track them? What is best practice? What needs to be recorded? Who is competent to do this? Can we use bar codes or RFID tags and cloud software to make it easier?

We are kicking this off as a new discussion in the forum, for those who are paid members and are not yet in the Slack forum, send me a message and I'll send those invites out. The last extended forum chat was on factors of safety and forces generated in circus. That gave birth to a series of articles, videos and livestreams bringing in experts on those topics to help get to the bottom of what you wanted to know. Let's see where the inspection discussion goes.

IRATA Training

What’s in it? What’s it for? What does it allow us to do? We are shifting this livestream to January, date to be confirmed. If you have a perspective on this and want to join in let me know.

Circus School Build Team

We may be rebuilding a certain circus school close to my heart in December or January. In Aerial Edge's history this has had to happen more than once between Christmas and new year so let's see how our luck runs for venue number four.

If anyone wants to learn how to set up aerial rigs and rigging, as well as how to build a tumbling floor and a dance floor I aim to offer a small number of paid placements as part of the build team. It's too early to confirm the dates but I will email out to those who express an interest when I know more.

Either way we'll create some video content from the build even if you can't be there in person!