August News

August News

This month we've been busy with a few different initiatives including creating some public guides on rigging, safe training at home and recording two videos on hoop rigging. We've been delving deeper into COVID-19 as we prepare to open again next month. We've also been setting up some new events for August and September.

Public Rigging Guidelines

We have so far written draft documents on the topics of safe training at home and how to set up a rigging point at home. We've also been outdoors recording two videos on rigging different types of hoop. I'm aiming to have all of these available for member review by the end of the month so we can release these to the public in September.

We decided to start with some simpler guidelines and we'd build on that with increasingly more technical documentation for more technical audiences.

The next zoom session we'll be holding for those wanting to contribute to the writing of these documents will be August 24th 2pm message me if you want in  if you are not on Slack yet.

Performer Handling With Brett Copes

We had an informative and entertaining session with Brett at the end of July covering different aspects of working with performers as a rigger during performances which is available to paid members here.

If you want to hear more from Brett then he was recently interviewed on the subject of stunt rigging on the Atlanta Production Podcast here

Practical COVID-19 Solutions for Circus Schools

Live event: 28th August 3pm

As we are all opening or near to opening come and find out what everyone is doing to stay safe. We'll have speakers from The National Centre of Circus Arts, Circomedia and Aerial Edge, hopefully we'll be able to arrange a few more too. If anyone has an interesting perspective that they would like to cover please let me know. We are moving beyond theory and into practical applications, this will also show us what circus training looks like with social distancing what we can do and what we haven't yet figured out.

Solving Rigging Problems (Call for speakers)

Live event: September 25th

September's live event will be on solving rigging problems. This is a zoom session which will look at different situations we have found ourselves in as riggers and what solutions we have come up with to solve these problems, this can be lessons we have learned along the way or creative problem solving. Please email me or message me on Slack if you have had an interesting problem, solution or lesson you have learned and would like to present it at the event.